During the last few years, I have tried to exercise most days of the week. While at “Boot-camp” class one morning, I was describing my routine of Spinning(r) and doing Boot-camp several days a week. The instructor, thinking I was training for some kind of race asked “What are you training for?”

I was surprised and blurted out half-jokingly but with enthusiasm: “I’M TRAINING FOR LIFE!”  The class chuckled, and we continued our rigorous exercise. Later, I thought about my answer and realized that my exercise program might be a metaphor for how Pathfinder helps clients.

I have never been accused of forcing a client to do 100 push-ups during a planning meeting. However, at Pathfinder Wealth Advisors, we help our clients “Train for Life.” To us, this means we work to understand our clients’ goals and develop an ongoing plan to help our clients make progress toward the ultimate achievement of those goals. When people discuss fitness goals, they may be thinking about losing weight, getting stronger, improving their physique or being able to complete a triathlon.  These goals may require different exercise routines in order for a person to achieve their desired result. Fitness instructors often recommend that a specific goal be set with various interim benchmarks that will measure progress toward the goal. For example, someone who wants to lose weight would establish an overall goal and include interim goals. This will help them to stay focused on the ultimate weight-loss goal while giving cause to celebrate milestones toward the achievement of the goal.

In the same way, we guide our clients by co-creating a plan with them to reach personal and financial goals such as a financially independent retirement, funding college education for children or grandchildren, or going on an African safari every five years. The goals are as varied as the clients who set them. What they have in common is a documented plan to achieve the goals that integrates cash flow, income tax, investments, and estate planning. It is unlikely a person who decided to run a marathon, but did not develop a training plan (or even train) would accomplish their goal of finishing the race. Your financial life is no different. This is why we believe that to attain your goals, you really must “Train for Life!”