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This Second Opinion Service is complimentary.
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At Pathfinder Wealth Advisors, we realize that we all are in a very challenging period for investments and for life in general. Is your portfolio meeting your expectations and goals?

We recognize that volatility and uncertainty are stressful for people. For this reason, Pathfinder Wealth Advisors created our “Second Opinion Service.”

When we are introduced to a prospective client, we often find that no one has provided a clear explanation of why they are invested a certain way, what their asset allocation strategy is or what the actual performance of their portfolio is.

This free service will help to answer these critical questions.

Our Second Opinion Service includes the following:

A review of your current Risk Tolerance. We will complete a personal risk analysis to ensure that the investment strategies employed are in line with your risk tolerance and investment goals.

An overall investment analysis with a focus on whether the investments are competitive in terms of performance, portfolio risk and investment expenses.

We will help with establishing and/or clarifying current financial plan goals. Are they achievable, realistic and do they truly mirror your true wishes?

We will provide a customize report for your review.

This is a critical time to evaluate your portfolio performance and risk. Is your portfolio up to the task of meeting your investment goals?

We are humbled by the continued trust from our clients in our firm and we want to share that same level of exceptional service with you to help you achieve your goals for you and your family.

Complete our short questionnaire, including your name and contact information and send to

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