Our Solutions

How we meet your needs:

Our investment process begins with developing an investment policy statement based on your personal risk tolerance

  • Analyze your personal risk tolerance
  • Determine time horizon for investment goals
  • Create a diversified asset allocation strategy
  • Offer socially responsive investments
  • Customized investment portfolio design

Planning for your retirement is based on the personal lifestyle that you want to enjoy as a result of your success

  • Determine the funding needed for your retirement
  • Create a cash flow plan
  • Develop a savings & investment plan to achieve your dreams
  • Minimize tax exposure for retirement distributions
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) planning

We develop tax strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your financial decisions

  • Create a blueprint to reduce your overall tax costs
  • Design tax sensitive investment portfolios
  • Analyze tax loss harvesting opportunities

Create your legacy with thoughtful planning that provides you peace of mind

  • Collaborate with you and your attorney to determine the estate planning techniques that will help you achieve your legacy
  • Prepare estate net worth analysis and projected distribution of assets net of taxes
  • Facilitate Family Summit Meetings to provide the opportunity to communicate your estate plan

Achieve your philanthropic goals with customized charitable giving strategies

  • Provide investment management for Private Family Foundations and Donor Advised Funds
  • Employ the use of specialized techniques such as charitable trusts to accomplish philanthropic goals
  • Maximize tax benefits of charitable giving

Develop an education funding strategy customized to your family’s needs

  • Determine how much is needed to fund each child’s education
  • Recommend appropriate investments & funding vehicles (i.e. 529 Plans)
  • Explain available tax strategies to reduce education costs